Countdown to 2013 White Shark Season

The Incredible Adventures San Francisco Shark Team is hard at work getting ready for the September 28th launch of another white shark dive season in San Francisco.  Wetsuits and dive equipment have been inventoried and checked for condition.  (Sliding in and out of the shark cage can be hard on wetsuits so our suits frequently need repairs.) Additional wetsuits have been ordered and new underwater cameras have been purchased.  (The cameras will be available on the boat for all to share.)  Director of West Coast Shark Operations Greg Barron has been working with Incredible Adventures’s Lead Dive Instructor to finalize crew training and schedules, and Diane has been planning menus and food purchases. (The popular deck-grilled sandwiches will return!) Captain Eddie has the New Eldorado III in ship-shape condition and ready to go.

We still have cage dive and top side availability.  If you’d like to dive with great white sharks in San Francisco, call 800-644-7382 or send us an email.


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