Bull Shark Bites Dentist in the Bahamas

cagesharkA dentist from Texas was bitten by a bull shark last Saturday, while spear fishing and free diving in the Bahamas. Thankfully, he’s OK and doesn’t blame the shark for the incident, since he was holding on to a speared fish at the time. Dr. Steve Cutbirth of Waco was quoted as saying “The shark was just doing what sharks are supposed to do which is keep the ocean clean by eating dead or injured fish.”   Read one of the news accounts here.

Incredible Adventures offers the chance to cage dive with bull sharks off the coast of Bimini, the Bahamas island closest to Florida.  Our protective shark cage floats at the surface, so no dive certification is required. Learn more about our new Bimini shark adventures on the Incredible Adventures Cage Diver website.



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