Shark Team


Greg Barron

The incredible Greg Barron is Director of West Coast Shark Dive Operations for Incredible Adventures.

A San Francisco Bay Area native and entrepreneur, Greg Barron has spent his entire life living and diving along the North Coast of California as well as spending time working research vessels and dive operations all over the Caribbean and in the Atlantic as well. He has worked three National Geographic Flag Expeditions, done shark wrangling and helped recover sunken Spanish artifacts off Cuba. He has been involved in our San Francisco shark adventure from the very beginning. He has assembled the perfect mix of people to make sure every aspect of your adventure is as perfect as it can be.

In his other life, when he isn’t working to show you the fantastic Farallon Islands and their most famous residents, Greg operates two of his own companies. Barron Properties and Rideable Bicycle Replicas, Inc. Barron Properties is a real estate development and management company based in Alameda and Oakland, California. Rideable Bicycle Replicas, Inc. of Alameda, CA. is a small manufacturing company specializing in making antique and specialty style cycles mostly from the end of the 19th century. If you’ve been to Burning Man, you’ve probably seen Greg with one of his “High Wheel” bicycles or other vehicle creations. His company has been supplying cycles and custom vehicles for folks, film, theater and museums for 37 years so if you see a high wheel bike in a movie or play, chances are Greg made it. Some of the recent shows featuring Greg’s stuff include Deadwood, Jack Ass 2, Lonesome Dove, Haunted Mansion and the stage show Wicked.

Did we mention that Greg can fix just about anything…almost before you know it’s broken? He’s Greg “MacGyver” Barron.


Incredible Adventures dive instructor Julia Bissinger.

Julia Bissinger heads up a team of great dive instructors who do everything in their power to make cage diving an incredible adventure.

Our team of great dive instructors is lead by the wonderful Julia Bissinger. As a child growing up in Pennsylvania, Julia dreamed of one day diving with sharks. (We think she loves her job so much that she’d probably do it for free…but we pay her anyway.) Customers rave at how good she is at making them feel comfortable in the cage. When she’s not out at the Farallons, she keeps busy working full time at a biotech company, going to college and leading dives to Carmel and Monterey. She’s also an avid road biker.


Bahamas Shark Dive Instructor Jillian Morris

Jillian Morris Brake oversees Special Film Projects for Incredible Adventures

Jillian is a certified dive instructor who loves sharks and loves to share her knowledge of them with others. (Her car license plate reads SHRKGRL.) Jillian’s worked with great white sharks in the Farallones and Isla Guadalupe, lemon sharks in Marquesas, nurse sharks in the Dry Tortugas and tiger sharks in Western Australia. She is actively involved in the shark conservation world, writing articles for numerous publications and doing outreach programs across the US. She’s a published author and the founder of Sharks4Kids. She uses photography and video to share these amazing animals with the world.    She is one of the principles in Oceanic Allstars, a production company that uses print, video and graphic design to increase marine awareness.