Tiger Beach

Dive with Tiger Sharks at Tiger Beach

Tiger Beach photo courtesy of Jillian Morris.

It’s not on any map, but divers call the spot “Tiger Beach”.  Located roughly 20 miles off the coast of Grand Bahama Island, the area is known for its large, year-round population of very big tiger sharks.

Incredible Adventures has been offering cage diving with tiger sharks at Tiger Beach for several years.  Realizing not all shark lovers love the idea of spending a week living on a boat, Incredible Adventures offer day trips that depart from Grand Bahama Island’s West End.   The one-day cage diving adventures are easy to fit into a traditional Bahamas beach vacation and are perfect for families with older children.

No dive experience is necessary to make a cage dive with tiger sharks at Tiger Beach.  Participants are under the watchful eye of a certified dive instructor.

While we cannot guarantee big sharks on every trip, the Bahamas does permit the use of bait and/or scent attractant to increase the odds of viewing these amazing creatures in their natural environment.

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