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There is a legendary lagoon on the Pacific coast of Baja Mexico that is spoken of in hushed whispers, where gray whales finish an 11,000 mile migration from the Bering Sea and Alaska to mate and calve each year. The gray whales here are uniquely curious and interactive, allowing for close-up, intimate encounters with these gentle giants and their newborn calves. This is San Ignacio Lagoon, one of only 4 mating and birthing lagoons in the world, with the highest concentration of sociable whales, and the only lagoon still untouched by human development. With a private charter flight from Cabo San Lucas, it has never been easier to arrive at San Ignacio for 3 nights of fully catered glamping and virtually unlimited whale encounters.

Sample Itinerary

Day 1 – Fly into SJD, San José del Cabo Fly into Cabo. Transfer to your hotel or villa of choice. We recommend the 4 star beachfront Barceló hotel in San José del Cabo. Get settled and then head over to SeeCreatures to get set up for your adventure! Complimentary afternoon humpback whale watching with SeeCreatures. Optional Backscatter photo and GoPro workshop. There are some great restaurants at the hotel, across the street or wander downtown.

Day 2 – Fly to San Ignacio Lagoon We have morning and afternoon** flights to the Lagoon with transfers from SeeCreatures and Barceló. Your choice to get up early and head straight out or have a more leisurely start and take the afternoon** flight. We will be waiting with a tray of champagne after your 2-hour flight to camp and if you want, head out right away for your first whale encounters.

Days 3-4 – San Ignacio Lagoon Your choice of three whale encounter sessions a day (weather and park capacity control permitting), enjoy the camp, hike, walk, mountain bike, watch birds, or visit the dazzling white salt flats. Evening presentations by our naturalists.

Day 5 – Whales & Fly Back to San José Your choice of three whale encounter sessions a day (weather and park capacity control permitting), enjoy the camp, hike, walk, mountain bike, watch birds, or visit the dazzling white salt flats. Evening presentations by our naturalists.Early breakfast. One more whale encounter and then fly back to San José del Cabo. For those who were on the morning flight northbound. Arriving 12:30pm. It can be more of a leisurely start for those who flew up on the afternoon flight with at least 2 whale encounter sessions (or maybe 3!), lunch and 4pm flight back to SJD airport.

** Afternoon flights are available when we have more than 13 guests.


Yes, you will see gray whales! You may even have the chance to physically interact with the whales since they often approach our pangas. You may also see a variety of bird species including nesting ospreys and egrets.
We understand that you have travelled a long way to San Ignacio Lagoon for gray whale encounters. So we facilitate as much time with the whales as possible. We currently average nine whale watching sessions per trip, with two trips on your day of arrival, three sessions on days two and three and a final session to say goodbye before you depart the camp.

One other thing to note is that a maximum of 16 pangas are allowed in the reserve at one time while there are 26 permitted pangas. This means that during a very busy peak season, each panga can stay in the reserve for 90 minutes and then needs to step back to allow another waiting panga in.

Gray whales in San Ignacio are known to regularly approach our pangas to be stroked. If the whales approach, you are welcome to interact with them!
Comfortable, fully catered camping with provided bed linens and towels. Non-alcoholic beverages, guide service, washrooms with flushing toilets and showers, biodegradable toiletries, two to four whale watching excursions per day, battery charging station.
Reserve and airport landing fee of $35 USD per person, alcoholic beverages, single occupancy (25% surcharge), and if you think the service is deserving, crew gratuities - typically between $250-300 USD per person.
Average daily high temperatures are 20-25°C (79-86°F) with nightly lows cooling down to 8-10°C (48-52°F). Precipitation is very minimal. Plan to wear layers as you will be exposed to sun and wind on the boat, and cooler temperatures and windy conditions at night in camp.
We only operate in peak season when large numbers of whales are present, from January through April.

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