Shark Cage Diving in San Francisco with Incredible AdventuresNo dive experience is required to cage dive with great white sharks in San Francisco. Our shark dives are conducted using a floating shark cage and surface supplied air. If you can snorkel, you can shark dive.

After a presentation by our white shark naturalist, a certified dive professional will provide shark divers with an introduction to what is known as “hookah diving” or “SNUBA”.  Participants will be taught how to breathe through a regulator connected by a hose to an air tank on deck.

Our San Francisco shark cage is just 7.5 feet tall and is designed to float at the surface of the water.  Cage divers stand on the bottom of the cage, with heads just below the surface. There is a ladder inside the cage to make entering and exiting the cage easier.

Space is still available for the 2023 Great White Shark Season Contact Incredible Adventures for a list of dive dates.




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